Wednesday, January 28, 2015   
  • Spending time, the limited resource, wisely

    Spending time, the limited resource, wisely

    Well it’s January which means another year is beginning. Another year? Sheesh – I was just getting used to the last one! I hate to sound so clichéd but where on earth does the time go? I know as you age, your experience of time changes. I’ve experienced ... Read More »
  • TOURISM TALK: Holidays & Happenings

    TOURISM TALK: Holidays & Happenings

    Holidays and Happenings Take a quick look in your refrigerator and you’ll notice all the full Tupperware containers. This can mean only one thing; Thanksgiving is over. (Other signs include your house no longer resembling a parking lot and your sister’s kids are no longer spilling stuff on ... Read More »

Articles in chronological order

Parker Livecast #17: Chinese restaurant to rebuild?


One of the most common questions we get at Parker Live lately is this: ‘What’s happening with China Garden?’ The building, which burned down in October, is currently in a cleaning-out-to-rebuild phase, but will China Garden be moving back in? John Wright asks Josh Savino that question on this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast. Also on this episode: Josh’s ... Read More »

Parker Livecast #16: Hiccups and Weddings


It’s a new year, and a new edition of the Parker Livecast with your hosts John Wright and Josh Savino. In this irreverent episode, John explains why he wouldn’t use the bathroom while Josh was in the one next door, Josh talks about performing a wedding in which the audience didn’t get his jokes, and John can’t stop hiccupping while ... Read More »

Documentary screening highlights sex trafficking


BlueWater Cinemas in Parker was host to a special screening of the documentary film Tricked last week in collaboration with PAACE, the County Attorney’s Office and the Arizona Crime Prevention Association. The film highlights the issue of sex trafficking, in which underage girls and young women are exploited as prostitutes, some as young as 13 years old. The ACPA’s Kathleen ... Read More »

To The Editor: Are teachers having to buy their own classroom supplies?


A Parker Live reader suggests that budget cuts have left teachers without basic classroom supplies: “My relatives are teachers at the Elementary School in Parker. At our family gatherings they often tell us about their hard-won achievements and struggles as the school year progresses. Being a teacher is a tough job, and is becoming more difficult. Budget cuts put a ... Read More »

Jacque Nelson gets 1.5 years in prison, 7 years probation


A woman who pleaded guilty to multiple counts of defrauding the Bouse Elementary School District has been sentenced to 1.5 years in prison at the Arizona Department of Corrections. Jacque Nelson, who prosecutors said wrote herself checks from District funds, entered into a plea agreement with the La Paz County Attorney’s Office, with the maximum available prison term and 7 years of ‘white ... Read More »

CRIT responds to news article stirring tensions


An article that appeared in the Havasu News-Herald, the Parker Pioneer and the Palo Verde Times has been stirring some tensions about the intentions of the Colorado River Indian Tribes over its lands, and the Tribes have now responded in a public statement. The ‘news’, which the Parker Live website did not attempt to cover, reported that CRIT is considering ... Read More »

Launch ramp cleared of debris, County Supervisor says


La Paz County Supervisor King Clapperton says the Cienega Springs launch ramp has been cleared of debris after last year’s flooding. The ramp, popular with river goers especially in the summer months, doubles as a drainage channel during flash floods, when the wash may be running. During 2014’s active monsoon season, silt, sand and other debris washed into the ramp ... Read More »

New K9 unit at Sheriff’s Office


The La Paz county Sheriff’s Office has announced a new Detention K9 unit, after Officer Danielle Banuelos successfully graduated from the Arizona Department of Corrections K9 Academy. On December 10th 2014, Banuelos and her canine partner Orlis, a German Shepherd, completed a rigorous eight-week K9 academy in Tucson, Arizona. The objective of the training is to certify officers as K9 ... Read More »

Spending time, the limited resource, wisely


Well it’s January which means another year is beginning. Another year? Sheesh – I was just getting used to the last one! I hate to sound so clichéd but where on earth does the time go? I know as you age, your experience of time changes. I’ve experienced that myself and have plenty of testimony from friends to back that ... Read More »

Lake Moovalya annual drawdown begins


The Bureau of Reclamation has lowered the level of the river in Parker, AZ by approximately one foot in elevation. The drawdown will last for about two weeks. Lake Moovalya is the proper name for the stretch of the Colorado River between Headgate Rock Dam and Parker Dam. Reclamation is coordinating this activity with the Bureau of Indian Affairs to ... Read More »

Parker prosecutor to be honored in D.C.


A Parker-based prosecutor serving La Paz County Attorney’s Office is to be honored in Washington D.C. as Prosecutor of the Year by the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy. Karen Hobbs was recognized during the Arizona HIDTA Award Ceremony in Flagstaff recently for her efforts to protect drug-endangered children here in La Paz County. Now, she has been selected ... Read More »

Viewfinder: Parker gets cold


Proof that the temps under that winter desert sky get below freezing occasionally. The official National Weather Service overnight low in Parker, AZ for Monday morning is 29.8 degrees! (The afternoon high is forecast at 57.) Read More »

Parker Livecast #15: Christmas Edition


The last podcast of the year at Parker Live drops here! Josh Savino, Jim Beaver and Jennifer Griffis talk about their Christmas traditions, and John Wright jumps on the phone from Philadelphia. Find this podcast weekly on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and your favorite podcast apps (open your app, search ‘Parker Livecast’ and subscribe for free to get every episode on ... Read More »

ADBA Races coming to the Parker Strip

In 2014 we saw many races in the Parker area and in 2015 things won’t be any different. Arizona Drag Boat Association and Bluewater Resort & Casino are excited to bring two weekends of racing to the Parker Strip. February 20-22 and April 3-5. Mark your calendars now! Read More »

Parker Livecast #14: Santa’s Jokes and Pilot Paul


This week we get a called from a guy who claims to be Santa Claus, we talk about plans for Christmas, ponder last week’s poll results and feedback and a guy who claims to be a pilot calls us to give us the weather. All of this is quite dubious and sketchy. Full order of events: 0:50 – Glasses and ... Read More »