Thursday, November 27, 2014   
  • November: The Holidays Begin

    November: The Holidays Begin

    When you stop to think about it, we celebrate a lot of holidays in America. Just like everywhere else I guess. It seems that people have a deep-seated desire to stop and mark important dates or times and significant or meaningful events. As we enter November and December ... Read More »
  • 12 reasons I love Parker, AZ

    12 reasons I love Parker, AZ

    I was working in San Francisco last weekend. When I’m out of town and people ask what part of Arizona I live in, I usually say something like, “West side, a stone’s throw from California.” If they keep talking I add something like, “South of Lake Havasu”, assuming ... Read More »
  • TOURISM TALK: #cooldown2014

    TOURISM TALK: #cooldown2014

    #cooldown2014 Josh Savino- Tourism Coordinator-Parker Area Tourism Take a step outside right around sunset and you’ll immediately realize that the season has changed. Gone are the days of triple digit heat and 90+ degree nights. Yes, it is officially Fall and with that comes an entirely different breed ... Read More »

Articles in chronological order

Casino employee robs casino; apprehended within 30 minutes


An armed robbery occurred at BlueWater Resort & Casino at 3:51 a.m. Wednesday. Police arrested the suspect without incident less than half an hour later, at 4:18 a.m. and recovered the stolen money. According to Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Chief William Ponce, the suspect was an off-duty employee of the casino at the time of the robbery. He is ... Read More »

To The Editor: Red Ribbon Week #imakegoodchoices


Every year, Red Ribbon Week in Parker is marked in a pretty big way. It promotes and celebrates a drug-free community, and ends with Family Fun Day at Pop Harvey Park at the end of October. Below, a letter from Duce Minor, Director of PAACE, about this year’s events and how they went down. “We are excited and proud to ... Read More »

Roads to be slightly busier than last year for Thanksgiving


An estimated 3.5 million Southern Californians and 888,314 Arizonans will be traveling for Thanksgiving this year according to AAA, an increase for both states over last year. So roads can be expected to be a little busier than last year, which the auto club attributes to lower gas prices and an improving economy. Gas prices are an average of around ... Read More »

CRIT to host ceremony at Blythe solar facility

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.15.07 PM

Few people might notice the 750-megawatt solar facility proposed for an area of desert land near Blythe, CA, which will provide power for up to 264,000 homes. But tribal leaders say the land contains precious cultural resources that the project would destroy, despite some amendments by the company intended at preserving them. Now the McCoy Solar Energy Project will be ... Read More »

Viewfinder: Parker for the Holidays


Will you be in Parker for the holidays? Perhaps your week will look a little like this. Via Rauni-Sue H. Get into the spirit by listening to Parker Livecast #12: Thanksgiving on the River. Listen right away by clicking HERE. Read More »

Parker Livecast #12: Thanksgiving on the River


Happy Thanksgiving! On this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast, we chat about what our listeners will likely be doing this week, turkey cooking methods and holiday traditions. Also on the Livecast this week: Lt. Curt Bagby of the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office jumps on the phone to follow up on last week’s conversation about marijuana law. It turns ... Read More »

Nine suspected drug dealers arrested


Nine people have been arrested in a “roundup” of suspected drug dealers this week in the areas of the Parker Strip and the north part of Parker valley. According to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office, on November 18th, 2014, the Narcotics Task Force made the arrests in the roundup which consisted of officers/agents from the La Paz County Sheriff’s ... Read More »

Highway 62 much deadlier than average highway, Desert Sun reports


A report in the Desert Sun newspaper identifies Highway 62 between Palm Springs, CA and Parker, AZ as a “death trap”, saying that the road is 3 times deadlier than average California highways. The newspaper also claims that the portion of the road that lies between Twentynine Palms and Parker (the stretch closest to the Arizona border) is deadlier still, ... Read More »

To The Editor: Fill the Truck!


Hello, I am looking for some publicity on our FILL THE TRUCK event. I am the chair for La Paz County Young Farmers and Ranchers program and we are teaming up with Parker Motor Company to do a food drive for our local food banks. It’s simple. There is a truck parked outside Parker Motor Co with a Banner on ... Read More »

Parker Livecast #11: Marijuana and other laws of the river


What are the differences between Arizona and California marijuana laws? If you have a prescription card in California, how is it treated by the authorities in Parker, AZ? How does Arizona law treat DUIs, guns and other issues? Our special guest this week is Julie LaBenz, Attorney at Law, and she brings some new case law to talk about. Also ... Read More »

Marine veteran rides through Parker


Marine veteran Matt Littrell spent a few days in Parker, AZ this week on his way across the country on horseback. Matt is riding from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina to Camp Pendleton, California to help raise money for the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi fund is an organization that provides assistance to wounded veterans who suffer from visible and ... Read More »

Attorney’s bear hug leads to guilty plea


An attorney who practices in Mohave and La Paz counties has pleaded guilty to assault after a courtroom incident in Lake Havasu City. Local lawyer Vincent A. Iannone, 61, is reported to have walked up behind a female colleague in the courtroom and bear hugged her, clasping his arms around her chest and holding them there. The judge was not ... Read More »

Town of Parker to hold public auction


The Town of Parker is to have a public auction, selling off used vehicles, equipment and surplus materials to the highest bidders. According to the Town, the auction “will be conducted through competitive oral bidding with the final sale being to the highest bidder.” All items will be sold as-is. The public is invited to come and see the items ... Read More »

Parker Livecast #10: “If the hens became self-aware”


On this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast, we engage in a free-flowing ramble of unlinked subjects, including love, culture and road safety. We also chat to KLPZ football commentator Randy Hartless on the status of the Parker Broncs football team and their postseason prospects, Collins records a public service announcement (PSA), and we contemplate what would happen if Rose ... Read More »

Free grapes: truck opened to community


A semi trailer full of fresh grapes has been written off after an accident and the grapes are being given for free to the community. Parker Towing’s Mark Schifo prioritized the poor and needy with the first selection of the produce, and as of 1 p.m. many various agencies had been to collect some for their projects and programs. Now, ... Read More »