Famous waterfront Sundance Saloon for sale

Anybody want to buy a famous bar? The Sundance Saloon on the Parker Strip is for sale with a listing price of $4.5 million.

Sundance was best-known for being ‘the’ epic party spot on the river back in the 70s and 80s, with years of successive river rats pulling up their boats and packing it out for drinks, live music, food, foam parties and much more.

It had been closed for years until 2014, when the original owner, Jim Shubin, reopened it on Memorial Day and advertised it for sale. Norm Turley, a retired police officer from Long Beach and co-owner of a bar in Belmont Shore, saw the ad. A desert racer for years, Turley knew Sundance, and decided to buy the property and keep it open.

The 1.5 acre property comes with a 18,000 square foot building, including bar, restaurant, stage, gathering areas, docks including outdoor stage and outdoor bar, dance floors, boat and waverunner slips and almost 300 feet of river frontage.

Sundance back in the day

LINK: Property listing


  1. Paul Crawford

    Maybe Trump can buy it and make it great again

  2. Kellie Marsh

    Claudia Marsh we should buy a bar 😅

  3. Holly McKenzie Tobeck

    Heather Mckenzie Hughes let’s buy it!!!

  4. Lisa Selvage

    Steve Jenkins I’ll be the manager if you’re down to purchase 🤷🏼‍♀️😂🌞

  5. Kimberly Masters Huffman

    Heather Mckenzie Hughes Wow. The memories!!!

  6. Debi Craig-Schmitz

    Lance Craig Ronnie Schmitz you in?

  7. Debra Vitali

    I remember when it burned and makeshift tents were put up until it could be rebuilt!!

  8. Lisa Quinn

    I doubt it will ever be successful again. There’s not nearly enough tourism to support it – definitely not the numbers of tourists there used to be, when it was (in)famous and a place to make memories.

    Maybe turn it into a hotel. Probably the only way to make 💰.

  9. Lilly Lee

    Phil you need to buy this place

  10. Bryan Baze

    Jake Ziegler when doge hits the moon it’s ours

  11. Amy Watts

    Again…. here we go. It will sit for years. But hopefully no big corporate company gets interested.

  12. Phil Thorstensen

    Lilly Lee sure thing!!!!! I don’t think it’s been famous since the 80’s and especially in today’s time 😎

  13. Jake Ziegler

    Bryan Baze How many friends do we need to make this happen? 😂.

  14. Jennifer Reising

    Allie Moye Sundance needs you!!!! You could make this place amazing!!!

  15. Bryan Baze

    Jake Ziegler a lot 😂

  16. Dee Scott

    Lisa Quinn I say we all pitch in and move in 🤔🤩

  17. Patty Yahne

    Laura Yarbrough Edwards been there

  18. Koni Raes

    Lisa Quinn very true and lost alot of small homes along the river for megas homes .

  19. Laura Yarbrough Edwards

    Patty Yahne are you going to Buy it 😉

  20. Tim Mummert

    It is actually only .84 of an acre.

  21. Beverly L Bonney

    The 80’s…before cell phones and social media. No more anonymity and carefree party days now. 😎

  22. Brenda Hughes Villa

    Jackie Villa wish we could buy it 😀

  23. Kat Mathes

    Kimberly Jones uhhhhh what?
    Madelyne Joyce Norm Turley ?!

  24. Madelyne Joyce

    Kat Mathes Norm Turley whaaaat???!!!! This is a joke right?

  25. Mimi Velazquez

    Beverly L Bonney dang didn’t know this was for sale again

  26. Angie Marie

    Dule Adams come on Dule lol

  27. Debby Lynn Hutchinson

    Leslie O’Brien it’s for sale again!!!!

  28. Ben Schneider

    Michelle Schneider Bsn RN let by the shot

  29. Elizabeth Taylor Lewis

    Leslie Marshall Nehring Here’s a perfect small business opportunity! Let’s go in together!🤣

  30. Melissa Coté

    Ray Soliz buy it, you won’t.

  31. Leslie Marshall Nehring

    Elizabeth Taylor Lewis Haha …. Oh so many great memories!!

  32. Dennis Ogawa

    Phil Thorstensen In the 80’s Parker strip was the place to be now it’s Havasu.

  33. Anne Ishida

    Elizabeth Taylor Lewis ok!! 3 way deal $4 mil= Lewises, 500K= Nehrings, 000= Ishida’s

  34. Danny Crayton

    Jarrod Caswell lmao what a Dick! 😂😂

  35. Dave Baze

    Jake Ziegler probably 4.5 million. A dollar each. Lol

  36. Kenneth Blaize Redding

    Kyle Robert McFarland will need at least a $2mil face lift

  37. Marge Ward

    Omg isthat still around, thought it was gone years ago

  38. Kyle Robert McFarland

    Kenneth Blaize Redding hence why it’s probably for sale

  39. Angela Lee Jenkins Nolan

    I am in Steve Jenkins. Lisa Selvage

  40. Debbie Plumb Lucero

    I guess we were the last of the party-ers wet t-shirts an tequila sunrises ✌️

  41. Brian Stroud

    It needs to be the fun place again.

  42. Kandy Kovacs-Shelton

    I worked there the summer after the fire when it was a circus tent! 1979, 80ish! Good times!

  43. Heather Mullin-Olivas

    Lauren Allison-Hendrix here you go 😜

  44. Lauren Allison-Hendrix

    Heather Mullin-Olivas lol I just bought a house in needles lol

  45. Heather Mullin-Olivas

    Lauren Allison-Hendrix lucky!!!!

  46. Heather Mullin-Olivas

    Lauren Allison-Hendrix bahahahhahaha

  47. Angie Marie

    Dule Adams oh ya minor detail lol

  48. Steve Jenkins

    Angela Lee Jenkins Nolan and only 4.5 million $. 😂

  49. Angela Lee Jenkins Nolan

    Steve Jenkins oh not worth that. Offer them 2.2… Lol…

  50. Kandy Kovacs-Shelton

    Singapore Slings 2 for 1! Wet tee shirts, banana eating contest’s and the Limbo..How looow can you go.. Crazy fun times!

  51. Lacy Aguilar-Arnett

    Amy Watts yep! Bc it will get torn down!

  52. Shawn Mcguire

    For just 4 million? This place could be a mansion

  53. Steven Klein

    Lauren Allison-Hendrix you &lil Scotty gonna pick it up CA$H in the AM?

  54. JL Hod

    Ray Soliz I’d look at it

  55. Shaw Douglas

    Amy Watts so sad. I remember it in it’s prime!!! Won a couple trophies there!!!

  56. Bruno Hill

    Well at $4.5 million, and a season that runs peak from April or May thru maybe September, you would need $1000 clear PER DAY during those months just to make the mortgage at 3.5% from the SBA. Not counting staff, liquor license, insurance, taxes and so on. An alternative MIGHT be to use that 300 feet of river frontage for a high end hotel. But you then would have construction costs, still need a liquor license and so on. So another option might be to build high end condos with an HOA fee that would cover costs like ramp maintenance docks and so forth…but then no SBA admin loan…but also no liquor license and so on. I learned to sling hash there back in the day..we used to swim across the river from Echo with our skis and ropes and hitch ski rides from all the boaters. What a fab place it was.

  57. A-Ron Bevers

    Yes, I’ll add stripper poles. I just need someone to pitch in 98% of the sale price of the property.

  58. A-Ron Bevers

    Dave Baze let’s do this!

  59. Sal Manzella

    Clayton Holick time to retire

  60. Judy Cook

    A hotel would be great for it

  61. Alyison Becker Veld

    Tara Parker there we go …. we can be partners 🤣🤣🤣

  62. Tara Parker

    Alyison Becker Veld YASSSS

  63. Barbara Gilbert Barrett

    How many remembers the mobile home park that used to be across the river in the 70s ??? I spent a lot of time there

  64. Clayton Holick

    Sal Manzella
    Pass on that project

  65. Stefan Korzeniowski

    Ive had some good times there!

  66. Rhonie Lenhart

    Don’t know just how old Jim Shuban is and Nick, his brother but both are older than me and I am 72! It has sold many times but I know it reverted back to them several times. New owners try to change what it used to be and it has never worked.

  67. Dave Mora

    Stefan Korzeniowski with Jason? 😂

  68. Jenn Burleigh

    Sarah Ball here’s your investment 🤣

  69. Candace Rowse

    Do I dare say: It sure would be nice to make it less adult and a huge family friendly & event place. There’s nothing like that on the river.
    Completely revamp it. Hotel restaurant, and many things to do.
    THE KIDS really aren’t having as much fun as you think hanging out at dock bars! 😂

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