Sheriff tells state news outlet he did not have sex on duty

La Paz County Sheriff William Ponce has given an interview to state news outlet 3TV / CBS 5 denying that he had sex while on duty as CRIT Police Chief but acknowledging a relationship with the woman.

The outlet reported that Ponce’s name had been mentioned in a review of a “plethora” of cases involving officers having sex on duty. The review took place in a meeting of the Arizona Peace Office Standards and Training (AZPOST) board. One of the cases they talked about was an investigation of Ponce while he was Chief of the Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department, regarding claims he had sex with a woman while on duty. The accusation is that Ponce would visit her on duty and in uniform, and that she would perform oral sex on him.

Ponce told the outlet that he did not have sex with the unidentified woman, but did have a relationship with her that he regretted.

“Obviously there were some things that were truths in this case. There was a lot of things that weren’t and misrepresented,” Ponce told the outlet.

Ponce admitted to meeting with the woman twice while on duty, but denied having sex with her on duty. Ponce told investigators at the time that the two kissed and fondled each other, that they “made out” but did not have sex while on duty, and that nothing happened in his patrol car.

He said he believes the investigation, which is over 5 years old, was dug up by a political opponent ahead of the election and used against him.

“They looked for anything they could to try to create negative light on me,” he said.

AZPOST said they wanted to figure out how to handle the many cases of sex on duty that are in review. Ponce acknowledged that the issue is a problem that comes up from time to time in the law enforcement community.

LINK: 3TV / CBS 5 report


  1. Dion Alli

    On tonight’s episode of “Only in Parker”

  2. Alyse Marie Miknaitis

    We’re still talking about this???🥱

  3. Nick Danger

    “As The River Flows and The Cool Wind Blows 😎 lol

  4. Hannah Viette-Oliver

    Who cares? We already know he’s lying. 😒

  5. Shannon Dzieciuch

    Nick Danger it’s like that story out of Texas a few weeks ago, that guy with a wife, ex wife, and engaged to at least 3 more 😂😂

  6. I am less concerned with sex on duty–perhaps during a lunch break–than i am with the comment such as “i will carry out all duties and will not determine if an order is constitutional or not.” I understand that, but I also know that during Kristallnacht–which was AUTHORIZED by the Facist regime but UNCONSTITUTIONAL–if only the authorities had gottten something like the ‘blue flu’ or regular everyday usaully good people had refrained from their ‘legal’ activity, or even stepped up and tried to prevent it–is it not possible that WW2 could have stopped right there–before millions of deaths. In the USA there are many law enforcement officials that stepped up and said no. But oh no sirree not here in Parker Arizona. And isn’t that more important than sex on their lunch break? But at least Parkerliveonline hasn’t gotten as bad as facebook. Yet.

  7. Kayla Martinez

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  8. Becky Morris

    Obviously y’all are running out of topics. Let it go alreadyyyyy

  9. Danny Crayton

    Even if he did, I’m not mad at him. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. Chris Ponce

    I “did not” have sexual relations with that woman 😬

  11. Dewey White

    Yet, all of us are getting fucked by Biden every day and nobody bats an eye….

  12. Alex Anderegg

    Maybe they were roll playing 👍

  13. Yenny Mann

    May I see this video of the fondling on shea road? For research purposes 😂

  14. Jeremias Juanson

    Let’s talk about the 4 years of corruption under Risen’s administration… 😎

  15. Becky Morris

    If you wanna talk politics let’s talk politics.. how about all the corruption that’s happened the last 4 years under the previous Sheriff and administration. We should be hi lightning that💁🏻‍♀️

  16. Omero D. Blake

    Must love our great news outlets here that “report” such newsworthy articles. Our Sheriff has been in his position for a month, let’s further the divide by publishing a story that has been discussed during the campaign trail.

  17. Jacob Foreman

    Who gives a f as long as it was a consensual relationship.

  18. Nancy Nichols

    Who gives a flying you-know-what? Get a life & move on. Let’s deal with some of the REAL issues & problems in the community.

  19. I don’t know what is more disgraceful, the actions of the elected sheriff or some of your comments. Go to the AZPOST website and listen to the meeting minutes of Jan 20, 2021 for yourself. Here is a link to the audio.

    And Mr. Wright, as usual, your reporting of the incident is not factual at all. Did you even bother to take the time to listen to the testimony or are you just one of the “good old boys of La Paz County” and downplaying for one of the group? This involved much more than a”relationship”. And he denies having “sex” on duty? Since when does oral sex and masturbating each other not count as sex. Do yourself a favor and listen to the presentation audio.

    For those who voted him into the office of sheriff, you may have your regrets now. For those of you who condone his behavior or want to make light of it? That says a lot about who you must be. The next time you need his help and call 911, I hope he is available and not away somewhere “having a relationship”!

  20. Was He wITh theE woMan dOOinn hiDden sausig

  21. As you can see, folks, the media is attacked for both reporting it, and not reporting it enough.

    In response to the former: This isn’t something we’ve focused on at Parker Live. But if Parker or La Paz County is in the state or national news, we’ll almost always let you know why. On this occasion Ponce gave an interview to Channel 5 in Phoenix, so we’re informing you about the interview itself and the content of it.

    To the latter, and Jim Reaves: As stated, the main purpose here was not to revisit old claims but to give a simple summary of the case with Ponce’s statements from this new interview. That’s all. For anyone seeking further reading, there’s a link included.

    Thanks all

  22. Bob Rathbun

    my god is this all we have to keep us busy in la paz county. get a damn life. bunch of old nosey bastards. look at what just took over the country for god’s sake. and this is important ????

  23. Rafa Solaiza Sr.

    I’m sure he’s not the first to do it and definitely won’t be the last!! (In my Bob from La Bamba voice) let’s move along now!!

  24. Cheridee Rae

    🤷🤷 and cops don’t have sex????? That’s like saying they don’t fart either good grief thought Mike roth blocked everyone & yet we continue to see the bashing of ponce smfh

  25. Live and let live

  26. Katherine Wheatley

    Cheridee Rae Roth was permanently banned from Facebook from what I understand.

  27. Katherine Wheatley

    Shannon Dzieciuch I’m in a group on Facebook where some of this guys women were coming out of the woodwork in the comments on a post. It was wild.

  28. Justin Kaze

    You don’t lose your girlfriend, you lose your turn.

  29. Katherine Wheatley, it sure would be helpful to the voters of La Paz County if you can somehow post these comments or share them with us. He is a disgrace to the office he was voted into!

  30. Once again censored by the almighty John Wright!

  31. You’re so oppressed Jim. It’s a hard life!

  32. Kim Masterson

    Katherine Wheatley – he has another account and follows everything

  33. Katherine Wheatley

    Kim Masterson I know he does 😂😂

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