Timeline: COVID-19 in La Paz County

La Paz County, Arizona currently has 610 total confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and 16 deaths from complications of the virus.

October 22nd: 4 additional cases.

October 20th: 17 additional cases.

October 17th: 8 additional cases.

October 16th: 4 additional cases.

October 14th: 3 additional cases.

October 12th: 1 additional case.

October 10th: 11 additional cases and one additional death reported. The individual who died lived in the Quartzsite service district, was over the age of 65 years old, had underlying health conditions and was hospitalized outside the county.

October 8th: 4 additional cases.

October 7th: 4 additional cases.

October 4th: 1 additional cases.

October 3rd: 3 additional cases.

September 24th: 3 additional cases.

September 26th: 6 additional cases.

September 24th: 2 additional cases.

September 22nd: 1 additional case.

September 21st: 3 additional cases.

September 18th: 4 additional cases.

September 16th: 2 additional cases.

September 14th: 1 additional case.

September 10th: 7 additional cases.

September 9th: 1 additional case.

September 8th: 3 additional cases.

September 5th: 2 additional cases.

September 3rd: 14 additional cases, delayed from within the CRIT district. La Paz County passes 500 cases total.

August 27th: 2 additional cases.

August 26th: 1 additional death, announced by the County after having been announced by CRIT.

August 25th: 1 additional case, and a fourteenth death is announced by the County after having been announced by CRIT.

August 21st: 1 additional case.

August 20th: 2 additional cases.

August 19th: A thirteenth death is announced by the County after having been previously announced by the Colorado River Indian Tribes. The individual is a tribal member who was hospitalized outside the County.

August 18th: 1 additional cases.

August 16th: 1 additional case.

August 14th: 1 additional case.

August 13th: 2 additional cases.

August 12th: 6 additional cases.

August 11th: 3 additional cases.

August 10th: 1 additional death. The individual is over 65, hospitalized within the county with underlying health conditions and resided in the Quartzsite service district.

August 6th: 1 additional death. The individual is over the age of 65, hospitalized outside the county with underlying health conditions. The person resided in the McMullen Valley service district. 1 additional case is announced also.

August 4th: 2 additional cases.

August 3rd: 1 additional case.

August 2nd: 4 additional cases.

July 31st: 1 additional case.

July 29th: 1 additional death is announced by the County, a 54 year-old man from Ehrenberg who had a pre-existing health condition and was hospitalized for COVID-19 outside the county.

July 28th: 3 additional cases. 1 additional death is reported by CRIT.

July 26th: 6 additional cases. 2 additional deaths are also reported by CRIT.

July 24th: 9 additional cases.

July 23rd: 3 additional cases.

July 21st: 10 additional cases.

July 19th: 1 additional case.

July 18th: 6 additional cases.

July 17th 6 additional cases.

July 15th: 10 additional cases.

July 14th: 2 additional cases.

July 13th: 3 additional cases.

July 12th: 13 additional cases.

July 10th: 10 additional cases.

July 9th: 3 additional cases.

July 8th: 7 additional cases. La Paz Regional Hospital announces same-day COVID-19 testing. “The rapid, point-of-care diagnostic test uses a sample from your nose or throat and you get your results the same day. No doctor’s order needed, and most insurances cover the test. Uninsured cash price is $70.”

July 7th: 5 additional cases. A seventh person dies from complications of the virus. The person was from the Parker service district, over the age of 65 years old and hospitalized outside the county. It is unknown if the individual had any underlying health conditions.

July 6th: 8 additional cases.

July 5th: 6 additional cases.

July 4th: 6 additional cases.

July 3rd: 5 additional cases.

July 2nd: 1 additional case.

July 1st: 3 additional cases.

June 30th: 10 additional cases.

June 29th: 4 additional cases.

June 28th: 12 additional cases.

June 27th: 6 additional cases. A fifth person dies from complications of the virus, who “through marriage” was connected to the La Paz County Health Department. He was over 65 years old and did not have any known underlying health conditions.

June 26th: 9 additional cases.

June 25th: 10 additional cases announced.

June 24th: 3 additional cases announced.

June 23rd: 6 additional cases announced.

June 22nd: 11 additional cases announced.

June 20th: 11 additional cases announced.

June 19th: 12 additional cases announced.

June 18th: 7 additional cases announced.

June 16th: 16 additional cases announced.

June 14th: A fourth death is announced. Article HERE.

June 13th: A third death is announced.

June 11th: 6 new cases from CRIT.

June 10th: 16 new cases. Six individuals are in the service district area of Parker, in which two are within the age group of 20-44, one between 45-54 and three over the age of 65. The remaining ten cases are in the Colorado River Indian Tribes service district.

June 9th: 6 new cases, four from CRIT and 2 from Parker service district.

June 8th: 2 new cases added. The results of the testing blitz are in, and of 303 people tested, 5 were positive, and 97 percent tested asymptomatic.

June 8th: 23 additional cases announced for CRIT and Parker. One more person has been hospitalized outside the County.

June 6th: Updated to reflect new numbers. New cases are within the service districts of CRIT, Parker, Quartzsite, Ehrenberg and Parker. “Please be aware that testing is now being reported by several different sites, so results may take between 24 hours to seven days to be entered into the system. Sometimes this can cause a drastic increase in case numbers.” – LPC Health Department

June 2nd: CRIT announces 4 new cases.

June 1st: CRIT announces 36 new cases. Health Department awaits results of over 300 tests taken in blitz over the weekend.

May 29th: CRIT announces 2 new cases.

May 28th: CRIT announces 5 new cases.

May 27th: 11 new cases are confirmed by CRIT, including 10 people that live on the reservation and 1 tested at Parker Indian Health Center but who lives outside the boundary of the reservation.

May 26th: Two additional cases are confirmed, the first in the Ehrenberg service district. One individual is within the age group 55-64 and the other is over 65.

May 23rd: CRIT has another confirmed case, making 49 for the County.

May 21st: The first non-CRIT case in the Parker service area in over 8 weeks is confirmed. The individual is over the age of 65 and is hospitalized outside the County.

May 19th: 1 new case is confirmed in the McMullen Valley service district, within the 20-44 years age group, and is recovering at home. 3 new cases are confirmed on the CRIT reservation.

May 18th: 5 new cases have been confirmed on the CRIT reservation, making a total of 19 CRIT cases and 43 in total within La Paz County. The individuals were tested at the Parker Indian Health Center.

May 13th: 11 new cases are confirmed on the CRIT reservation, making a total of 14 for the Tribes. All eleven new cases are residents of the Colorado River Indian Reservation and reside within 2 households.

May 12th: A 3rd case is confirmed on the CRIT reservation, tested at Parker Indian Health Center. The person is a resident of the reservation and is receiving medical care.

May 7th: A 2nd case is confirmed on the CRIT reservation. The individual is a resident of the reservation and recovering at home. The person was tested May 6th at Irataba Hall.

May 7th: 3 additional cases have been confirmed at the workplace in the Quartzsite service area, bringing the total number of County cases to 25.

May 5th: A 15th and 16th case connected with the workplace in the Quartzsite service area has been confirmed, bringing the County total to 23. For the first time, the Health Department confirms that the workplace contact is “from the McMullen Valley area, within the Quartzsite service district.” The service district extends eastward to McMullen Valley. The Department also states that 16 of the 23 cases are ‘recovered’.

May 2nd: A 14th case connected with the workplace in the Quartzsite service area has been confirmed.

May 1st: The Colorado River Indian Tribes reports its first presumptive positive case of the coronavirus. The individual was seen at Parker Indian Health Services and is a resident of the reservation.

April 29th: The La Paz County Health Department corrects its information, saying that the 13 most recent cases, plus one new one, are in the Quartzsite service district rather than the McMullen Valley district as previously stated. This means that all but 2 of the cases in La Paz County are in the Quartzsite service district.

April 29th: 8 additional cases of the virus are confirmed in the McMullen Valley service district, making a total of 13. The people involved had direct workplace contact with previously identified cases and additional cases are pending. The McMullen Valley district is rural, and includes agricultural areas. It encompasses the communities of Salome, Vicksburg, Wenden, Hope, Harcuvar and Alamo Lake.

April 28th: 3 additional cases of the virus have been confirmed in the McMullen Valley service area, making a total of 5. The people involved had direct workplace contact with previously identified cases and additional cases are pending.

April 27th: The second death from complications of the virus is identified. The individual had been hospitalized and had direct, household contact with the only previous fatal case in the County. The person was over the age of 80 and had previous health conditions.

April 22nd: The 7th confirmed case is also in the McMullen Valley service area, within the 20 to 44 years age group, and “had direct, household contact with the previous confirmed case.”

April 20th: A 6th case is confirmed in the McMullen Valley service district. The person is within the age group 20 to 44 years old, and has been admitted to a hospital outside the County. “The La Paz County Health Department is continuing the process of interviewing close contacts of the individuals and recommending each person monitor for symptoms and quarantine themselves for 14 days, based on risk exposure.”

April 14th: Seven days after the last case was identified, a 5th case is confirmed. The individual is also from the Quartzsite area and has been admitted to a local hospital. This person is over the age of 65, has other underlying health conditions and had direct, household contact with a previous confirmed case.

April 8th: The individual named as the 4th case of COVID-19 dies in hospital.

April 7th: The La Paz County Health Department is notified of an additional confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Quartzsite service district, making two cases in that area and the 4th in the County. The service district consists of the area within the boundaries of the Quartzsite Fire Department. This individual is hospitalized within the County.

April 5th: A third case is confirmed within the Quartzsite service district. The individual is hospitalized outside the County.

April 1st: The Colorado River Indian Tribes passes a strict stay-at-home resolution for the reservation.

March 30th: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issues a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” order.

March 25th: Two cases are confirmed, which are the first in La Paz County. The Health Department did not release more information except to say that the individuals recovered at home. Parker Live believes both cases are officially residents of other states and had spent some time in the Parker area. Bars and restaurants are forced to close in response.

March 23rd: Parker Live publishes a rare op-ed urging people to stay home.

March 19th: La Paz County declares an emergency.

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  1. Jean Baker Cameron

    So let’s keep welcoming out of town people to come here to party on the river. I know it says Quartzsite but still come one come all.

  2. Chelley Lynn Kaufman

    They need to close blm in Quartzsite and stop encouraging travelers to stay.

  3. Nicole Ching

    Since people from Quartzsite come to Parker to shop for groceries how long before we start getting cases here? It’s not just a river situation. It’s time for stores to start going to online shopping carts and pick up times. This will limit how many people are physically waiting in line or inside stores altogether. Since everyone has cell phones and computers it makes sense to just let the employees do the shopping and you all just sterilize it when you get home.

  4. Dave Vaverka

    It has to do with number tested, the number is low because very few test have been completed. Clearly there are substantially more that haven’t been tested.

  5. Rhemydog Pincher

    That’s exactly what we are doing our here in Cali. It definitely keeps people out of the stores. The only problem is there are not enough “shoppers” to get the goods to the people buying them.

  6. Rhonda Olsen

    Chelley Lynn Kaufman no way!!. If you are camping in a BLM area you are at least 6 ft. Apart, and in most places much farther. Also, the fresh air and sun is good for you. If you have to “stay in place”, then the BLM is the perfect place to do it.

  7. Rhonda Olsen

    I have not been contacted that a friend of mine has the virus, which is good to know. I pray that the person affected recovers and that there are no more in Q.

  8. Nicole Ching

    Rhemydog Pincher I would wait for an order to be put together if all I had to do was go to my app and load my cart and never have to walk the aisles with everyone else to get what I need. If I can order on Sunday and pick up on Friday I would be an extremely happy woman. I stress out so much knowing I have to go do the weekly shopping I literally have to take a breathing treatment cause I am so anxious and scared when I get home worried is this the day?

  9. Shanana Rain Bear

    Just to clarify the cases are within the QFD boundaries (which includes La Paz Valley, Rainbow Acres, Brenda, and all the way east past Vicksburg Rd.)


  10. Rhemydog Pincher

    Yeah it has gotten really bad in the more populated cities. There are only so many slots available to pick up your order and they fill fast. And then the hoarders buy EVERYTHING so half the time you don’t get what is on your list. Stores out here have had to limit the groceries.

  11. Carol Geary

    Try online Safeway
    Forget Amazon, I’ve been trying to get a delivery date. For a week

  12. Carol Geary

    Just put it in Google.

  13. Carol Geary

    Still a lot of people in Q?

  14. Nicole Ching

    Carol Geary Safeway here doesn’t do online shopping or delivery here in Parker they say it’s too small an area to do this.

  15. Carol Geary

    Nicole Ching we don’t ask for much!!

  16. Carol Geary

    Nicole Ching put Food City in Google, there’s a contact us page, ask if you give a list, will they put it in your car for you.
    Also Crossroads Cafe was selling some of their food to customers, like eggs . Call them

  17. Lisa Marie Starr

    Im really curious if they’re permanent residents of la paz or snowbirds

  18. Laurie Tomasino

    Lisa Marie Starr WTF difference does that make. Even if they are snow birds, they’ve been here since at LEAST January. Your comment makes zero sense and quite trying to blame anyone! FFS!

  19. Lisa Marie Starr

    Laurie Tomasino because im curious! What im not able to question things? Sorry must’ve hit a nerve I guess. Where’s the blame??

  20. Lisa Marie Starr

    Everything is subject to interpretation 🤷🏽‍♀️

  21. Nicole Ching

    Lisa Marie Starr if they are not permanent residents their numbers would not count for La Paz County. The CDC is tracking what county people live in not visit. Our numbers may be low but it could in actuality be higher due to our winter and spring visitors that have the virus and travel here.

  22. Greg Burkett

    Can any Walmart employees explain the logic behind diverting incoming traffic while 99% of employees from greeters to stockers to checkout work without masks or gloves? I was there this am so it’s not a rumor. Just trying to understand.

  23. Orman Stanley Jr.

    The cases r from the QFD district so yes Lisa Marie Starr more than likely its snowbirds and then they come to parker to shop .

  24. Dave Vaverka

    Chelley Lynn Kaufman if the travelers were there “snowbirds” well they are staying at home!

  25. Chelley Lynn Kaufman

    Dave Vaverka then they can and should stay put .. but they need to close it and not allow new people in.

  26. Damn, wish it was the snowbird virus, then us locals would not have to worry.

  27. Dion Alli

    Chelley Lynn Kaufman please explain how you would enforce that. I’m curious.

  28. Dennis Olson

    Nobody has been partying on the river in weeks, this virus doesn’t care where you are from or what you political or economic status is.
    Stop trying to figure out who you can blame for it coming here and simply do your part to distance yourself

  29. Jean Baker Cameron

    Dennis Olson I guess you haven’t saw the river for the last 2 weekends on the Parker strip

  30. Chelley Lynn Kaufman

    Dion Alli rangers patrolling. Even on 14 day free camping blm rangers come and chalk tires and check for permits.

  31. Dion Alli

    Chelley Lynn Kaufman good answer. Youre probably one of the smartest people ive ever seen on here. 😂

  32. Stephanie Helm

    Is our local Walmart doing this??? Walmart now limiting how many shoppers can enter stores as part of coronavirus response
    Kelly Tyko

  33. Terilyn Gary

    creeping a lil closer… this time in quartzsite… some residents there are locals but lots are visitors… keep safe everyone

  34. Terilyn Gary

    Laurie Tomasino info can help with tracking spread… lots of ppl come into walmart and family dollar from quartzsite to do their shopping… wash your hands and be safe ppl!

  35. Terilyn Gary

    Nicole Ching not fair to the employees whom also have their own jobs to do… maybe you could go in and do everyones shopping for them all day everyday

  36. Julie Brinkman

    Did any of the four La Paz County resident cases travel out of town? It is so important to social distance no matter where you are, wear a mask and use ‘super’ hygiene strategies. We can’t let down our guards where we have contact with people or the things they are touching outside our household. Our essential service workers are counting on all of us to not add to the risks they have to take.

  37. Nicole Ching That is incorrect. If an individual is tested in La Paz County, it will count for La Paz County, regardless of visitor or permanent resident.

  38. Rhonda Olsen

    Shanana Rain Bear Sue Knapp Matthews. Here it is

  39. The first two cases were from California, there is some good to having all of the people from out of state living in the Desert, they are helping the take ot orders, grocery stores get through this! Can’t survive on just
    Local population

  40. Doug True, I think the cases you are talking about stemmed from a Bluewater Casino employee.

  41. Stephanie Helm

    I have noticed that as well Dollar General too NO mask NO gloves

  42. In the first paragraph they should put how many are recovered.

  43. M Smith – I’ve only ever seen La Paz County do that. ‘Recovered’ means you didn’t die, right? So typically, after a few weeks, anybody who isn’t on the ‘dead’ list is recovered.

  44. Well done John. Open CRIT ! This is way over blown.

  45. I’m curious how y’all got June 9th’s results up already?

  46. There has been over 100 since June 1 on the tribes land. I think they will open when they feel safe and not when visitors think they should. 100 is a lot on the tribal lands in just 4 weeks. They had like 36 on their list today alone. That’s for everyone who thinks it’s no big deal. It is in Parker. We care about every friend or relative that gets it

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