Viewfinder: Parker’s railroad bridge up in flames

UPDATE: Added morning photos at bottom. The bridge is still burning, but fire fighting efforts appear to have stopped as the reachable sections have been put out. The bridge will be unusable until repaired.


A fire broke out on substantial sections of the railroad bridge in Parker, AZ on Saturday night. Many agencies were still responding at midnight as this article was being published.

Long sections of the bridge were aflame, with fire raining into the river and onto dry brush on the riverside, where small brush fires were breaking out. Fire fighters were rushing to refill tenders and cycle back to the bridge, but the damage seemed likely to be substantial.

Photos by Parker Live. One early photo below by Kristina G. on Facebook.




  1. Kristin Marie

    Prayers everyone is ok. Thank you to the first responders

  2. Kelly Ogilvie

    This is horrible, how is this possible??

  3. Lisa Engel-Delancy

    I’m curious how it caught fire .

  4. Bill Holderby

    now its the aizona rr,cant get to calif side

  5. John Haggard

    Terrible! Stay safe everyone.

  6. B Miller B Miller

    have to cross at parker dam! damn…

  7. Was wondering how it started as well Makes no sense

  8. Can people get out of blue water lagoon

  9. Sherrie Doyle

    B Miller B Miller there’s no railroad tracks at the dam.

  10. B Miller B Miller

    Sherrie Doyle your right i think needles is the closest if not down below blythe

  11. Sherrie Doyle

    B Miller B Miller there are no connecting tracks or Spurs.
    No way for Az railroad to get from point A to point B ..without that bridge crossing.

  12. Nicole Westman Bowles

    Jamie Pevehouse-Folts oh wow 😢

  13. Carol Geary

    Desert dry! Like the Arroyo! Remember AZ side of river @ Big River that 4th of July? I’m crying Johnny Monts

  14. Carol Geary

    800) 427-7623 ROAD CONDITIONS! Have route #.

  15. AZ road conditions 511

  16. Marjan Reynolds Hay

    The bridge that goes across by calif Avenue.. ? To California?

  17. Julie Harris

    Heart wrenching 😭Brian Thomas Catie

  18. Carol Geary

    Agnes Wilson bridge should be available??

  19. Carol Geary

    Bill Holderby will take a long time to repair!

  20. Sandy Kantor

    Melissa Reid, did you see this?

  21. Monica Ruth

    Prayers for all the first responders

  22. Judy Stovall

    So very sad. 🙁 Prayers for all involved. Jenaya….

  23. Bill Deal

    I think there’s a fire bug in Parker. The VFW then the Eagles now the railroad bridge really how does a railroad bridge just go poof I’m on fire? bologna! Somebody’s starting fires and for the braids to Catching Fire like it did all the way down the tracks… I smell accelerant.

  24. Jim Johnson

    Tammie Cardella had no idea 😳

  25. Sending prayers to those who may be affected by this sad event.

  26. Gary Russell

    Joanne Colleen Bill
    I don’t think this affected the auto bridge?

  27. Brian Goddard

    No way that thing just started on fire. There’s someone starting these fires over there.

  28. Prayers are with everyone in

  29. Randy Sossaman

    B Miller B Miller it’s the rail road bridge!!!

  30. Randy Sossaman

    Gary Russell correct auto bridge is still open

  31. Scott N Carmen DePoto

    Wow how does something like that happen?

  32. Sabina Mohr

    Brian Goddard ya it’s very odd…I worked at the VFW that burned down on Memorial Day

  33. Fires don’t just “Break Out”! I strongly believe it was arson. If that proves to be the cause, then it becomes a Federal Offense. I believe that the FBI and ATF, along with RR officials should be on scene NOW! Reminds me of another suspicious fire on the auto bridge along side this bridge, 6 years ago!!

  34. Tonie Ahlgrim

    Very sad.. how the heck did that happen

  35. Tonie Ahlgrim

    Bill Deal I agree big time ‼️

  36. I guess that means to trains through town for a while…

  37. Tammie Austin-Miller

    Prayers for all involved from the firefighters, reporters and residents.

  38. Beverly L Bonney

    Parker Live any idea how it was started?

  39. Cassandra Ryan Umphlett

    Also a couple houses in bluewater lagoon have gone up in flames in between all the buildings

  40. Cassandra Ryan Umphlett

    Yes in the middle where they can’t get water to it

  41. Beverly L Bonney

    Bill Deal I agree. But no agency will probably report any suspicion on who or why. If they are connected, it’s a hate crime.

  42. Jolie Johnson

    Jenna Loiacano wow that’s sad 😞

  43. Suzanne Wehman

    Bill Deal I belive one of the 100 home caught fire re recently too?

  44. Cheryl A. Rodgers

    This another fire in Parker sounding very suspicious-Parker residents, you guys should start making serious inquiries about this! I have a best friend who’s family IS LaPiazza..

  45. Hopefully no one takes offense to this BUT we were over at that rope bridge over in Havasu yesterday and 4 Persian men walked down from the road and we’re looking at the bridge. I asked them if they were going to jump from the rope swing and they said no because they couldn’t swim. Just thought it was weird that they weren’t in swimsuits or anything. Who knows maybe they just enjoying the view of the water.🤷‍♀️

  46. Wow how do we get there now we usually go thru desert center and cross the bridge to blue water but how scary for parker could of been lighting if there was a storm then hope all is ok. First responders your the best we pray for safety always

  47. Susan Guilliams

    This is so sad, that bridge holds so many memories from the young to passed elders. Hopefully it will be restored to original condition.

  48. Carol Geary

    Nope, railroading grandson said it will be repaired today!

  49. Carol Geary

    Audrey Macias Zambroski there’s a picture of it just smoldering

  50. Carol Geary

    Need a BIG smoke alarm on bridge!

  51. I agre I agree this is like the 4th or 5th fire along the railroad tracks in the last six or seven months there’s obviously a problem

  52. Elizabeth Lee

    Maybe it was a homeless campfire gone bad

  53. Marjorie Pryor-Barber

    It seems with the river right below, why couldn’t helicopters drop buckets of water on the fire? Just curious!

  54. Jessika Francesca Gardner

    Bill Deal agreed. Definitely suspicious. Isn’t it made out of fire resistant railroad ties soaked in cresole?

  55. Joanne Keniston

    Jason Carter isn’t that crazy! I saw it this morning on a Parker news post! Gee, I wonder how it started 😊

  56. Jason Carter

    Joanne Keniston yeah it’s crazy, it was still going this morning

  57. Joanne Keniston

    Jason Carter probably all the cresol.

  58. Manuel Camacho

    What a bummer has to be Dave Manshium

  59. Richard Mcmillian

    I watched it since abt 11:30 when it started! It was quiet a site! It must remain!!

  60. This males two fires on two bridges. Located right next to each other???

  61. All peeple think spunktaneeus combtsion

  62. Rick Rogers

    Cristy… wow! Thanks for tagging me in.

  63. Nat Chapman

    My son drove across around 10pm and seen a homeless man carrying two plastic grocery bags…

  64. Georgia Sturgeon

    Julie Harris i didn’t know! How is the bridge ? Is it okay?

  65. Audrey Macias Zambroski

    Carol Geary can’t possibly be repaired already. The Parker Pioneer said the steel structure needs to be inspected. The fire may have impacted the integrity of the steel.

  66. Caryn Booth Womack

    Oh Know…. What or who caused the fire

  67. Railroad management has predicted 2 weeks to open back up.

  68. Hmmm I heard early in the am, train whistle. So is it, opened back up, or was just coming from behind the Chamber?

  69. We were at Blue water Friday through Sunday, California Ave is open, no way that started by itself
    The rumor was there was a homeless camp below the tressel. No lightning this weekend. Burned for 2 days if it’s out now, was still burning when we left at 3pm.

  70. It isn’t the bridge cars drive on from AZ to CA like some people are thinking. It’s the railroad bridge. Seems like there are a lot of people confused as to that.

  71. Bill deal I’m with you on that. Had they. ?ND anyone around the bridge at the time it had started do we know?

  72. Tony Posada

    Jimmy Posada, Tommy Posada

  73. Tommy Posada

    Tony Posada mom was saying something about that yesterday. That sucks

  74. Tony Posada

    Yeah, we’ve driven by there hundreds of times. It meant we were either getting to the river or sadly heading home.

  75. Did anyone ever think of a hot bearing on one of the wheeles on the train this would account for the length of the fire.when a bearing comes apart it is red hot an breaks into smaller prices that are red hot

  76. Apparently there were no trains going through on Saturday evening/night.

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