Earthquake felt in Parker Thursday morning AND Friday evening

UPDATE Fri PM: Another earthquake, this one much larger, hit on Friday evening. It was also felt in the Parker area. Info HERE.


A 6.4 magnitude earthquake which struck near Ridgecrest, CA on Thursday morning was felt over 270 miles away in Parker, AZ.

Some Parker area residents along the Colorado River reported feeling the rumble as the quake hit around 10:33 am, with chairs rocking and window shades moving.

It was the second tremble in the area, with a 4.2 magnitude quake occurring half an hour beforehand in the same place, according to data from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Did you feel the quake? Let us know in comments!


  1. Donna Franklin

    We felt it roll through our house

  2. Sherrie Doyle

    Felt it here in lake Havasu, 6.6 east of barstow

  3. Shelly Rohde

    We felt it! Thankfully it was a roller and not a shaker.

  4. Lisa Hale

    I live in California and we felt it hard. We have a concrete foundation and our whole house was swaying

  5. Liv Henson

    i felt it up here in Hillcrest Bay, i thought it was one of my dogs scratching on my bed but it was that earthquake! havent felt one like this since 07 in california

  6. Vince Nelson

    I knew I wasn’t crazy!!!!!

  7. felt it in big river. couch moving, looked up and room walls moving. always scary when your home feels like its gonna slip off foundation.

  8. Kayla Mackay

    Jesus N Michele Mariscal

  9. Jane Kendall

    We didn’t feel an earthquake in parker. We felt an aftershock from an earthquake in California.

  10. We felt it sitting by the pool! The ground shook for several seconds- it helped to mix my beverage!

  11. Peggy Code

    Up by the damn, yes lasted about 10 seconds

  12. Cassandra Ryan Umphlett

    Mark Ryan are you sure you guys didn’t feel it?

  13. Kelly Ogilvie

    Live in Parker, I didn’t feel a thing nor the dogs🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. Pat Foster

    I’m up river & felt nothing.

  15. LawnyReese Caracci Robert DCaracci

    felt in big river. entire house swaying.. lil scary..

  16. Linda Conley

    Felt in Quartzsite also

  17. Marianna Benner

    Kelly Ogilvie Thank you for reporting that it’s important to know what happened and what didn’t happen at any location, awesome🙂

  18. Woke me up! I’m in Arizona near California Arizona border.

  19. Felt it in Yermo, Ca. We felt like we were on a boat inside the house. Lasted a long time. Last remembered one was the Northridge one in Long Beach. Grew up in So Cal but its always a trip.

  20. Katrina Marie

    The whole building at pirates Den was shaking and our chairs and stuff on the wall was swaying 😂

  21. Cindy Pinette Garrison

    Felt in Havasu in the channel. 😬

  22. Mark Ryan

    Cassandra Ryan Umphlett we were all sitting out on the porch and didn’t feel shit

  23. Marlene Mcclary

    Felt it in Huntington Beach!

  24. Yes! We are located on the water Keys location .

  25. Ivy Ledezma

    Felt it north of casino. Whole house moved.

  26. Rollie Smith

    Never felt a thing in Norco

  27. Laura White

    Nope didn’t feel it in parker

  28. Lori Leitzke Lusk

    I live near the hospital and felt it and all 3 dogs were barking. I get sick to my stomach during earthquakes and that combined with the shaking made it a sure thing.

  29. Loretta Flaherty

    I was on Facebook at the time and I heard a low rumble, I thought it was just a truck going by. Plus I was up all night so I thought I was the one shaking lol then 3 minutes later I saw a friend post about it.

  30. Kassie Hunter

    Katrina Smith Hillman, girls just told me about it….they felt it! I slept through it, that’s scary!!!

  31. Angie Angerstein

    Rocked our motor home in Quartzsite AZ

  32. Sue Galigher

    I felt it in Laughlin

  33. John Stephen Lane Sr.

    Thought it was the dog jumping off the bed. One should not be too terribly concerned unless the car alarms go off.

  34. Raquel Lynne

    Dawn Desiderio I didnt! So bummed!

  35. Haven’t felt my bed rock in years so it must have been a quakie

  36. Norma Ray

    I live in Parker and didn’t feel it. Nothing rattled or swayed. My dog was not affected by anything either.

  37. Lisa Hale

    Lori Leitzke Lusk wow! Thats crazy. I had a nauseated stomach after the earthquake too. I thought it was something i ate. I felt wierd all day

  38. it was pretty awesome..

  39. Just now 30 seconds or so of aftershock caused myhouse to sway!

  40. 8:20 pm Friday 7/5/19 just had a 7.1 aftershock we felt in Parker Valley.

  41. Laura White

    Parker Live ya felt a little sway here in Parker

  42. Stephanie Helm

    Well, it did it again started at 7.1 downgraded to 6.9

  43. Stephanie Helm

    Parker Live just heard it was felt all the way in NY channel 3 news

  44. Stephanie Helm

    Laura White a friend down on Riverfront called and asked if I felt it. His house swayed and chimes making noise. I was up and about, so did not feel it, like I did yesterday

  45. Stephanie Helm

    It is a 7.1 according to news

  46. Stephanie Helm

    Morongo casino in Cabazon top floor lights swaying

  47. Barbara Herbert

    Peggy Code wow! Did you feel the second one yesterday?

  48. I felt an after shock that lasted about 3-5 seconds at 8:20pm in Kingman. It shook the metal sculptures on the wall pretty good.

  49. Peggy Code

    Barbara Herbert no, we were sitting on our deck and felt nothing.

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