Deputy attacked on I-10

A deputy was attacked by a man walking along Interstate 10 over the weekend, according to the La paz County Sheriff’s Department.

“One of our Deputies was attempting to check the welfare of an individual who was walking along Interstate 10,” said Captain Curt Bagby in a press release. “Upon contact, the subject allegedly attacked the Deputy and attempted to take his gun and taser. After a long struggle, and the assistance of an off-duty Maricopa County Detention Officer, the Deputy was able to take the suspect into custody.”

The suspect was booked into jail on charges of Attempted Homicide, Resisting Arrest and other charges, according to the statement.

Bagby mentioned another incident which also took place over the weekend.

“In another unrelated incident, one of our Deputies was arresting an individual for a local warrant,” he said. “While attempting to place the subject into handcuffs, the suspect allegedly pulled away and grabbed a large fixed blade knife that was in his waistline. The Deputy was able to restrain him, remove the weapon and safely take him into custody. This suspect was also arrested and taken to the Detention Facility for Aggravated Assault against a Peace Officer and resisting arrest.

The statement ended with a reminder that emergency responders regularly face dangerous situations in the course of doing their jobs.

“We depend on resources and training to make these incidents as safe as possible. Please remember that there are men and women putting their lives on the line on a daily basis to ensure your safety. When you see an emergency responder, take the time to say hello and thank them for their service.”


  1. Mona Reyna Duran

    I haven’t seen my 3 children that are deputies in over a week. A mothers worse nightmare seeing and hearing about these types of situations while your kids are out protecting our lives. Love my 3lpcsodeputies keep up the great work LPCSO deputies/all LEO’s❤

  2. Blase Bauer

    Say what? Allegedly? Must be the Capt bars!!! LoL

  3. Netera LeMaster

    I would assist the officer

  4. Gerry Singer

    If they didn’t encrypt law enforcement dispatch here in La Paz County more people would be able to help officers in remote areas and keep their eyes open for law enforcement, but they feel that keeping everything they do secret is more important…they even encrypt fire dispatch for some unknown reason. I can understand SWAT, narcotics and sensitive operations encrypted, but not dispatch.

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