Flat-Earther arrested for vandalism

A Parker man has been arrested for more than 30 acts of vandalism, spray paint taggings on federal land near Parker Dam which appear to show support for the flat earth movement.

Skyler Butts was arrested Thursday at 2:30 p.m. by deputies with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and BLM Rangers.

A little over a year ago, officers received reports of taggings in various areas on BLM property near Parker Dam. The taggings say, ‘Research Flat Earth’ and ‘Rise above movement’ among other things.

Flat-earthers are part of a pseudoscientific, fringe movement that rejects mainstream science and asserts that the earth is flat rather than spherical. Adherents say that there is no evidence the earth is round, and often assert conspiracies as the reason people think it is.

On Wednesday this week, Butts was seen on surveillance cameras driving his company vehicle and spray painting the side of a BLM restroom facility near Parker Dam Road. Butts was positively identified as the suspect during the investigation. Damages for the defacement are estimated at over $5,000.

Butts was arrested and booked into the Colorado River Station jail on felony vandalism charges. His bail amount was set at $25,000.


  1. Ambrose Buford

    Round erther citezens are dumb

  2. I understand that vandilism is breaking the law, but I believe they are taking this to the extreme. It doesn’t take $5000 dollars to take the paint off of what he painted. And that’s only for one of the painted areas. It’s takes a pressure washer and a tiny bit of time. Shit is rediculous.

  3. Double it

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