An apparent murder-suicide is being investigated north of Parker

Sheriff’s detectives have been investigating a triple shooting after an apparent murder-suicide was discovered north of Parker late on Wednesday night.

A woman was transported to hospital and two men were found deceased at the scene, which is located not far from Emerald Canyon Golf Course on the Parker Strip, according to La Paz County Sheriff’s Department. It is believed that the suspect is one of the two dead.

Sometime on Wednesday evening, an individual by the name of Reue Verbus entered a residence where his ex-girlfriend was staying. He may have parked in another location, entered the home while it was unoccupied, and awaited the victims to return, according to a Sheriff’s press release.

“Around 11:30 hours, the victims, Elizabeth Coronado and Jesus Garcia returned to the home after going for a walk. When they entered the garage area of the residence, they were met by Reue Verbus. The preliminary investigation has led investigators to believe that Verbus shot both Garcia and Coronado almost immediately as they entered the home. Soon after shooting both of the victims, Verbus shot himself and was later pronounced deceased on scene. Coronado was able to call 911 despite her injuries.”

Garcia was pronounced deceased on scene and Coronado was transported via helicopter to a trauma center. She is currently listed as in critical condition.

The Sheriff’s statement says: “The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office would like to express our regards to the family and friends of the victims of this senseless act. We would also like to point out that had it not been for the quick reaction of our local agencies/emergency services, we may not have been able to get Coronado to a hospital in a timely manner. Thanks to the Buckskin Fire Department and American Medical Response along with the Parker Police Department and C.R.I.T. Police Department for their assistance.”

The statement said that the information is “very preliminary in nature” due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.


  1. Karen Malm

    Sending prayers to the families. 🙏

  2. Kim Bellmore

    Prayers up for the families…

  3. Could someone please clarify for me please, was it Jesus Garcia that passed like the artical states or was it Jesse Garcia, like everyone on Facebook is saying?

  4. R.i.p uncle chuyy😢

  5. Jane Wade Bixler

    What the hell is going on there. Terrible.

  6. “Jesus” is the name provided by law enforcement. He may have been called Jesse by people who knew him?

  7. Jeannie Charbonneau

    Does anyone know what resort park this happened in?

  8. Camille Maldonado

    That’s crazy. I was there 2 weeks ago. Prayers to the families..

  9. Kelly Ogilvie

    I heard it was in or very near to La Paz county park…. but really not sure.

  10. Russell Gonzalez

    Britney Rae too close to home 😧

  11. Britney Rae

    Yeah I saw this. Right by our house.

  12. Jesse is a beloved brother in Christ. We will sorely miss him. Wonderful father and friend.

  13. Condolences to the families

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