County suspends hiring, offers employees voluntary unpaid leave

UPDATE #2: The County’s Finance Director resigned on Tuesday morning, according to La Paz County Human Resources Director Mary Frantz. “Mr. Mancuso resigned from his position this morning. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors,” she said in an email to Parker Live Tuesday.

UPDATE #1: “Our most pressing problem is not having enough funds in the bank to meet our financial obligations,” said Board Chairman D.L. Wilson, who encouraged property owners to pay their second half of property taxes early if possible, saying that “property tax payments result in cash in the bank for the County, without incurring future liabilities. It is a helpful piece of the solution at this time.”

Vendors have ceased services to La Paz County after not being paid, with the situation forcing the administration to shift its focus, putting hard choices in front of the Board of Supervisors.

The Supervisors took the first of many concrete steps to directly address the County’s financial crisis on Monday, suspending all hiring and overtime and offering employees voluntary unpaid leave from work.

The Board voted unanimously to the ‘next steps’ outlined in a presentation compiled over the weekend by Interim County Administrator Robert Smith and auditor Jay Parke. The actions taken Monday include a complete hiring freeze, suspending overtime pay unless specifically authorized by the Board, offering employees an unpaid leave of absence with the County continuing to cover health and other benefits, offering employees a voluntary reduction of hours for both full-time and part-time employees, with benefits remaining for full-time employees even with the reduced hours, and offering eligible employees voluntary retirement.

The Supervisors also authorized the team working on the County’s fiscal situation to develop both a short-term and long-term cost-containment plan which can be presented to the Board within a short period of time. These plans will include involuntary furloughs up to 25 percent of hours per week for “non-essential employees, as deemed necessary”, and a planned reduction in the workforce including “strategic approaches and timelines, as deemed necessary”. There was little discussion of the possible lay-offs on Monday, as no firm proposals were made to the Supervisors.

Smith told the boardroom that the team had needed to accelerate its schedule and shift its focus from the long-term to the short-term last Wednesday as it became apparent that the County’s cash shortage was causing vendors to suspend services to the County.

“We had to shift our focus to immediate needs,” Smith said. “We will still be working on our long-term plan but our immediate needs are more pressing at the moment and we need to take action sooner rather than later.”

He talked about the need to remediate the County’s relationships with the vendors, and the possibility of short-term loans with vendors was mentioned.

The Supervisors also authorized the team to explore alternative revenue sources for the Jail District and alternative financing options for the long-term. One such alternative was raised by Supervisor Duce Minor, who said that the County may have the option of issuing its own bonds to local investors to raise money once the initial issues have been ironed out and the financial situation is better.

The presentation began with a financial overview by saying, “La Paz County’s current financial crisis is a culmination of limited resources to provide mandated services, striving to maintain the current level of services, reoccurring annual operating deficits from Special Revenue Funds, a decline in revenue from housing federal inmates, lack of centralized processes, and significant deficiencies in internal controls and financial reporting.”

The action plan calls for putting a detailed long-term plan in front of the Board of Supervisors by March 30th.


  1. Shannon Henry

    BS that it has had to come to this. You mean to tell me you couldn’t foresee this comming and couldn’t rectify it sooner before people that need thier jobs to support thier families became jeopardize how about starting with the head of the snake have then take pay cuts and whoever else allowed this ridiculousness happen.

  2. Katie Turnbow

    Wow. I feel for my former co-workers and all the employees of the county. Furloughs will be very tough on families.

  3. Isabel Cristina Pecina-Mayfield

    All due to mismanagement!!! Bet their severance n retirement packages are nice n tidy! This is bullshit!!! Shame on all those to blame… smdh!!!

  4. Agree! mismanagement is definitely what happened. The county never takes a proactive approach with anything it is always reactive & look where it ends up. Why wasn’t this plan initiated a long time ago and if a plan did exist why wasn’t anyone held accountable for not sticking to the plan??? It is very sad that employees have to deal with leaders who are incapable of managing funds & resources. It is not that difficult if controls are in place & monitored. If internal audits occured diligently then this problem could have been identified prior to reaching this unstable point. Makes you wonder what is really going on…..

  5. Tim Mummert

    Detroit of the desert.

  6. Joe Sena

    Well. ..Dan field sure did score !

  7. Joaquin Vences

    Michael Ramos cleaning house

  8. Oh they ALL knew about it in 2006. See for the facts and what was proposed in order to stop it.

  9. As a former County Employee forced to resign to be able to run for Supervisor of District 3 in the last election I tried to get the word out about the financial situation of the County. I wanted to discuss the matter at a meet the candidates in Salome but they suspended their formal meet the candidates event where residents could ask questions. I also wanted to have this issue brought up at a meet the candidates in Parker but my opponent did not attend because of another meeting she had in Salome. I myself have been well aware of what has been going on for the past 8 years with the mismanagement of County monies. . Now here we are. A lot of this could of been avoided if the previous Supervisors would of supported the effort of DL Wilson to remove Dan Field over a year ago. But of course if all this came out right before the election cycle this would of for sure look bad for my opponent. Things that make you go Hmmmmm! Gary Zak

  10. The Supes, administrators, County elected officials, and department heads should take immediate 25% pay cuts before cutting the hours or pay of ANY other county workers. Irwin and Wilson should take a 50% cut, or better yet, just resign due to their incompetence in failing to see what was going on, or their outright causing this mess.

  11. Need to hire a CFO who will make the hard decisions to put the county back in Black ink. It’s obvious whoever has been making financial decisions for the county had no idea what they were doing. Budgets are based on previous years income and expected reasonable returns on hard investments . Raising property taxes is not the answer. Slashing outlandish penisons for career politicians within the county would be a good start. Revisiting housing federal inmates would also be Beneficial
    To the voters of this county, when you walk into the voting booth next time, do your homework first, “on vetting all potential candidates with a emphasis on their financial statements”. Running a county is not easy but with the right people it can productive for the residents and business that depend on their good judgement.

  12. Georgina Marin

    At least it appears that is voluntary furloughs, but I wonder if they’ll force the furloughs later. The state did forced furloughs and performance pay reduction 5 years ago, which amounted to 5-10% reduction in income. It sucked hard. I hope the county doesn’t go that route if they don’t get enough voluntary furloughs.

  13. Katie Turnbow

    The pay is pretty low in rural counties so I will be surprised if many employees do the volunteer furlough. It’s going to hit the non-essential workers the hardest. They tend to be on the lower end of the pay scale. My heart aches for what is coming.

  14. Why is it, that the employees who actually DO the work, are always the ones to suffer? The ones who mismanaged the money and screwed everything up, don’t have to suffer any hardships!!!!

  15. Nathaniel Cooper

    Sounds like a lot of excuses where no one takes blame…I am sure everyone is upset, but let’s make Parker great again and make a good solution that ensures quality spending.Sure, Parker is not rich, nor can it afford a lot of programs, so why are they overspending in the first place. Obviously, those cuts should have been made long ago, not when there is a crisis. This will cost the people in Parker far more than if those cuts were made a couple years ago. Additionally, I know i probably do not know everything about the situation, but as a town, we need better republicans who can be tough and understand how the towns economy works. I do hope a solution comes out so I can recant this statement….

  16. Remember DL WILSON tried to have Dan Field removed from office in September 2015, when current Supervisor Irwin n Clapperton failed to support his efforts. Very hard to do your job when the information of county business is withheld from you. You have 3 Supervisors and they can’t communicate except through the County Administrator. Two of the Supervisor,s supported Dan Field and his actions! Thats like the FOX guarding the hen house and saying ” everything will be ok”‘ he is the only one coming out of this mess unharmed at this point!

  17. How come the 3 supervisors have not froze there pay. Wilson gets a pension from Aps. Help the county out if u really care. Irwin and duce need to take 50 percent pay cuts. The sheriff demoted the commander at a salary of 90k and made him a dective,lol thats,a waste of 40k a year Sheriff should of kept him as commander,if he didnt do the job,then he could of been terminated. Now capt bagby is the doing the job without a full pay Sargents are not getting there full pay i commend duce for runni g for supervisor even thiugh he knew how bad things were. DL AND HOLLY never told us this while they were campaigning,go figure Also how much is the maintenance on the friken helicopter.

  18. I keep hearing rhe excuse about no federal prisoners,there have not been any for 10 friken years. No excuse. What now,sell the dump,or file bankruptcy county hasnt paid starks bakery for 3 months of donuts wrong wrong wrong

  19. Gloria Dean

    I can’t say I’m shocked!

  20. Sam Camarata

    Parker is doing good its the county that is broke

  21. Sam Camarata

    20 yrs ago they had no business becoming la paz county, there was never enough revenue to support a county, they complain about the reservation not paying taxes,but the dont tell us about the feds sending the county 2 to 3 million a year to make up for lost property tax from tribal homes, they have never brought that up. Time for a real recall of rhe 2 supervisors who were in office the last 4 yrs

  22. Nathaniel Cooper

    I am not disagreeing with you there.

  23. I’m from California, but I have a home in Parker…I think the best elected official is Sam Vederman…he is what all elected officials should strive to be…let’s make La Paz County Great Again!!!!

  24. Why & what happened Kind of Ironic that Dan Field got out on his terms. I dont know if he had anything to do with this problem or not Just Saying. But somebody had to know what was about to happen.

  25. Mona Reyna Duran

    It has nothing to do with being a republican or not

  26. Commend supervisors for grasping the problem and
    offering a resolution. We can’t just tax our way out of
    this problem. There is always a lot of waste sometimes
    a lot of unnecessary expense in government. Everything
    can be streamlined and improved.
    Give the sups obvious ideas that you have seen
    on how to cut expenses. Zero baseline budgets must
    be redone by dept heads with no regard to last years
    1. No more 4 day work weeks. It’s silly to get an
    additional 52 days a year off
    2. I love police and sheriff DOT CHP CRIT police but
    Parker has more enforcement personnel per capita than
    anywhere else. And helicopter bothers me none.
    3. Stop buying county cars and pay a mileage reimbursement
    4. Enforce rigously community service to people arrested ignore warrants – clean parks pick up trash check out balls at recess not a chain gang but along those lines
    5. The jail is a burden financially and employees a lot of good folks. But maybe
    we have to assess transporting and holding prisoners maybe
    to Mohave county Blythe?? Needles??
    6. Have arizona work with California and annex parts
    of San Bernadino at Vidal junction north to needles and south to Blythe me incorporate it into la Paz county.
    I dunno wacko ideas maybe but we need to construct
    a viable solution going forward. At this point it is what it
    is. Yesterday is gone but with a bunch of community
    suggestions to our supervisors we may be able to grow
    And prosper absent rais g taxes

  27. Mona Reyna Duran

    Vendors have ceased services to La Paz County, HA this is a joke! Obviously the vendor that supplies the color ink for all the printouts that were handed out must not have been affected. BOS let’s lead by example I really don’t think it was necessary to have colored printouts especially when all the other county offices were asked to cut back SMH

  28. John M says budget budget budget and then his first suggestion has nothing to do with budget at all and would penalize workers even more for something not their fault, nice, at a time when morale is important. Silly

  29. Aaron Bond

    Soooo….basically La Paz county is broke, and anyone who works for La Paz, or resides in La Paz county is screwed. Really all this article boils down to.

  30. Gary Zak I have a question since you keep using deceptive words. Who at La Paz County told you to quit your job and run for politics? You made a conscientious decision on you’re own that you wanted to go into politics. No one at La Paz County told you to do that.
    The situation we are in here in La Paz County has nothing to do with the employee’s or the current board. It started back when Gene Fisher, Cliff & Mary were board members. Unfortunately Gene Fisher was the ring leader and his ego set La Paz County on a road to destruction.. Had Yakima been allowed to go back and do what they we’re doing we would not be in the mess we’re in today. That loss of the STUPID LAW SUIT for MILLIONS has destroyed this county. Not one of our board members alone can fix this and none of the current board caused this. Dan Field didn’t cause this either.

  31. this is a separate problem from Yakima. Yakima was isolated from the general fund completely. Different things

  32. Mr Harder, the day I filed my papers to run for Supervisor for District 3 on Januray 27th 2016, I received a call from elections stating that I would have to resign my position as a Ranger 2 as it was in conflict for running against the Supervisor of District 3 as the reasoning was the Board oversees the Parks Department. Before I even submitted any paper work to run, I double check with elections to see if I would have to resign due to any type conflict. Kevin Scholl said the only conflict he saw was if I was the Director of the Parks Department who the Supervisors actually appoint . When Mr Scholl called me the same day I filed papers I was shocked since I ask numerous people including past supervisors if they saw a conflict. no one did. Kevin presented paperwork to me (still have it if you want to see it, several attorney’s have) the next day. This paperwork came from Dan Field which stated the reasoning I would have to resign. He knew if I tried to fight this it would cost me money and time away from me campaigning.
    In the mean time I had found out that the Parks Director was retiring so I withdrew my election papers to apply for the job. As a 26( 17 years full time) year employee of the county in the Parks Department and with a Bachelors Degree in Natural Resources specializing in Parks and Recreation Administration
    I had finally had an opportunity to apply for the job since advancement is basically non existent in the Parks Department. Previous to this I tried to apply for the job of Park Ranger that was created for Larry Irwin but I had found out that he got appointed to that position and there was no application process for that position . Hmmmm! totally against the hiring practices of the county. After being interviewed by Dan Field for the job of Parks
    Director Position the decision was made to hire the Ranger 1 who was supposed to be working for me at Centennial Park as the new Parks Director. Hmmmm! At that point knowing that my future with the parks would soon be at an end I refiled my papers to run for Supervisor on March 28th. Mr. Harder I do not know what you have been told about me but all the information I just gave you is true. I have the documentation if you would like to see it or anyone would like to see it. I ran a truthful campaign against my opponent and if anyone has any questions on that I would sure like to talk. What is sad to see how the County Administrator at the time and the Supervisors that supported him could conceal the truth about the financial situation of the county during the election. I am sure the voters would of taken this financial situation in consideration if they knew about it when they cast their vote for District 3 Supervisor since all happened on her watch.
    As far who is to blame for the current financial problems I would look no further back to Dan Field and the Supervisors who hired him. Of all the people we could of hired for County Administrator we hire the guy who managed Quartzsite’s finances into the ground. As a past long term employee I find it sad that the employees are going to pay for this mess in the long run. Residents are also going to find it hard also and should be upset as i am to have seen taxpayer money being used on non essential projects like parks being built in District 3 in the past 8 years that had no way to pay for themselves with the Supervisor of District 3 knowing the financial meltdown that was going on during her years as Supervisor. Big Hmmmm I look forward to 2020.

  33. Yet my property taxes go up year after year…

  34. Chuck Wolfe

    Time for Stupidvisor RECALL, And 2 years till next election, make sure everyone is registerd.

  35. Chuck Wolfe

    People come here 6 months a year and never get Az plates on their cars.As you drive around look at the tags on the cars on permanent homes.

  36. I just heard that Brandon Mancuso walked out of his job? Does anyone know if this is true?

  37. Chuck Wolfe

    Look at the Repulican Supervisors who have their familys on the county payrole. And I’m registerd republican.

  38. Chuck Wolfe

    Just in Salome Vol. Fire Dept. awarded $20,000.00 a year for monthly meetings!

  39. P.S. If Gary had to resign his job, why didn’t Kathy Field (Dan’s wife) have to resign hers!!!! HMMMM!!!! Also why have 8 people that I know have quit the Park system under the new Parks Director???? REALLY HMMMMM!!!

  40. Hmmmm! Indeed

  41. JR. You think that Yakima was isolated from the general fund and not the reason for this idiocy? Where did the $$ come from to pay the lawyers? General Fund. Where did we encumber a 1% excise tax and go into debt of 20 million plus. Yakima bonds. General fund. You are spreading FAKE NEWS!!

  42. Mr. Harder is 100% correct. This is a direct result of Fishers’ ego.

  43. Nancy Reed

    Does this affect John …… Judy


  44. Lilice Greenlee

    The western Arizona college takes more tax dollars then anything else in the county and goes to Yuma. The county can use that money .

  45. The County’s Finance Director resigned on Tuesday morning, according to La Paz County Human Resources Director Mary Frantz. “Mr. Mancuso resigned from his position this morning. We wish him good luck in his future endeavors,” she said in an email to Parker Live Tuesday.

  46. How the hell does an excise tax for bonds come out of the general fund??? See this is why people should be careful about listening to people’s uninformed optinions. Very often the people with the ‘solutions’ are part of the problem.

  47. This county has great potential but all we do is put out fires! First Yakima and now this mess. I blame our County Manager and Finance People. What I don’t understand is, knowing the size of this problem why criminal investigations don’t occur.
    We see arrests for drugs all the time but we, as a county have had our potential devastated, especially since we are now looking towards bonds as a bail out. Shouldn’t a couple of people or more do as much time as we will have to do in limiting potential and paying the next bond issue off. I don’t know we can do bonds because we will have to present a viable plan to pay the principal and interest. Plus the County got a one year loan to help alleviate the problem and it will have to paid back too. It’s like a person getting new credit cards to cover the credit card debt that they have elsewhere. Once again “criminals” have stolen from our home but we can’t do anything about it. Hiring our manager after his past experience here was a epic disaster which our insurance company can’t cover and those who did it are long gone. What a mess! For the past 15 years all we do is stomp out fires and our feet are tired of being burned. Find the bums and put them in jail or let potential employers know what they can expect.

  48. Sorry DL. Ill pay my taxes on the last day they are due, clapperton and irwin really did a bad job.

  49. Sam Camarata

    Awc is s screwing us,but that money cant go to the county, mismanagement of funds took its toll over a 8 yr period, irwin,drum,clap,pierce,DL. Screwed up the county

  50. JR, Taxes go UP, Property values go DOWN. Hence less $$ in the general fund. People see higher taxes, go elsewhere to buy stuff. General fund goes down more. Idiots sue people with money from the general fund, general fund goes DOWN. What you are implying is propaganda. It really isn’t hard JR

  51. One of the problems is people don’t pay attention or really care what’s going on until some crisis hits. That, and not understanding the political jurisdictions in, and around, the County. The County, Towns of Parker & Quartzsite, School Districts, Fire Districts, AWC College, Buckskin Sanitation, Joint Venture (sewer), LPRH Hospital District, the Tribe, etc. are all stand-alone political subdivisions. Even the Jail District is it’s own separate entity, although linked to the County through the Board of Supervisors. They all either tax us or operate via fees, often both, and cutting or raising taxes or fees on one, does not affect any of the others. It’s obvious from the comments that a lot of people don’t understand the separation of the entities.

    The other thing is how and where funds can be used. Many funds are “special” and are only supposed to be used for specific purposes. Some funds can only be spent in the Courts, some on specific health related projects, HURF funds for public works and road projects, Grants are usually for specific projects, These funds were sometimes used improperly, such as Arizona Game and Fish Boating Safety funds paying the Certified Park Ranger salary. Money not earmarked for specific purposes are planted in the General Fund, which goes for the everyday operating expenses of all County Departments, such as salaries, employee benefits, utilities, office supplies etc. Some County Departments are designed to be self supporting, drawing NO general fund money, paying for itself by user fees. The Parks Department, Golf Course, etc. fall into this category. In the past they were, but limited or insufficient oversight can force them into pulling funds from the GF.

    People need to get informed and question what is going on with OUR money. Attending Board meetings is only one part of it. Anyone can go in and ask questions of the Elected Officials and Department heads. Make an appointment and go talk to them. If they don’t see you, or don’t answer questions honestly, FIRE them. (recall, vote them out, etc). Demand that appointed Department heads be fired, if they don’t respond.

    These people are the caretakers of OUR money, OUR assets and OUR future. If they can’t, won’t or don’t protect our investments CAN THEM!

  52. One extra problem that was added was a change in Arizona sales tax regulations, most contractors that are not general contractors no longer pay sales tax on their services in lapaz county, the sales taxes are paid where contractors purchase their supplies, and how many of these supplies that contractors in this area use actually come from our area? I doubt very many, so now the sales tax revenue lapaz county got from that is now gone, I wonder how much revenue was lost from that. And wedostupidright i do not know where property values have gone down because all the people i know have had the assessed value of their property consistently go up over the past 8 years, not down so that is more money in the general fund.

  53. @Alan Nelson

    Didn’t the county use the HURF funds to pay for other things not highway related? Is that not illegal?

  54. Hey there Bob. You are absolutely correct, the valuations continue to rise but the true market value of property is down. When the county goes into financial hardship that pulls down all property true value. The county has to get money somehow. So they squeeze the taxpayers til they scream. Then squeeze a bit more while they claim this is “just another bump”. Recall Wilson and Irwin today! Petitions soon at Safeway and Walmart.

  55. hmmmmm. Hate to say we told you so but….

  56. Remember 18 months ago Supv Wilson attempted to remove Field as the County Administrator. Supervors Irwin and Clapperton failed to support his efforts . Those are the ones along with Field who are responsible for this Disaster. They were aware of what was happening, why didn’t they insist that Field hire a real Finance DIrector, why because then Field would lose control of the “Old Shell Game” keep in mind the supvs can’t talk about County business because of the open meetiing law, so they have to rely on the county manager for correct information. If that is not happening nn they are getting erroneous information . there is one person that should be held accountable…… that taxpayers is the County Manager, hence. DANIEL FIELD along with Supervisor’s. IRWIN N CLAPPERTON.

  57. @ Bea.
    I believe that an entity, (City or County), can “borrow” from HURF for non-highway/public works purposes, as long as the funds are later returned to their HURF account. I do not know if that occurred, but a FOIA/Public Records Request would show that.

  58. Alan Nelson

    More like 34 years ago.

  59. this is management 101. We elected them in good faith to protect the hardworking taxpayer and they failed, you get an F. Man up and resign so we can get people who understand the difference between actuals and budgets.

  60. This is so sad for the employees, living payday to payday like a lot of us, and I bet none of them were given courtousy notice that it would be coming to this and now possible loss of pay and/or loss of employment. Very irresponsible of the horrible leadership from our supervisors (Irwin and Wilson) this is what you were elected to prevent! The finances of the county ARE your responsibility! Mr. Minor hope you can help turn this around, rough situation to be elected into.

  61. Thank You DIDI, The residents of this county need to know which Supervisors were supporting the actions of Dan Field and which ONE did not. I applaud the effort of DL Wilson to remove Dan Field a year and a half ago. It takes two votes to remove the County Administrator. After that vote I realized the County was in deep trouble. Soon after that I had local residents and friends in my district contact me to consider to run for District 3 Supervisor since now it was clear who our current Supervisor of District 3 had been supporting all along. Before anyone considers signing a re call petition for DL Wison get the facts about him and realize he was basically standing on his own with no support from the other two Supervisors, with his efforts to remove Dan Field because of his management shortcomings. I am sure DL Wilson would welcome anyone if they had questions about what went on over the past 4 years. Mr. Clapperton is gone but Ms. Irwin is still in office, ask her the hard questions of why she supported Dan Field. Gay Zak 2020

  62. Lilice Greenlee

    I have an idea, if the county wants home owners to pay their taxes early , maybe they should offer a 10% discount on property taxes which in turn will be a win win.

  63. Sam Camarata

    Problem is they can only control there portion,county really gets screwed on propertly taxes. More money goes to the corrupt fire board,and corrupt AWC.

  64. Sam Camarata

    Problem is they can only control there portion,county really gets screwed on propertly taxes. More money goes to the corrupt fire board,and corrupt AWC.

  65. Sam Camarata

    Problem is they can only control there portion,county really gets screwed on propertly taxes. More money goes to the corrupt fire board,and corrupt AWC.

  66. Lilice Greenlee

    Or maybe la Paz goes back to Yuma. I know that’s a horrible thought. We love our Parker

  67. Sam Camarata

    Parker will always be parker. Its the county thats mismanaged. Hey drum,hey pierce,hey clap,hey irwin,hey mary, WTF

  68. the rank & file county workers know about all this. they see it constantly but can’t speak out. small town gossip gets you fired. if they were to be interviewed anonymously a lot of this would be verified.

    i’d also like to add that a couple years ago a big opportunity was missed by selling off land to middle eastern countries that could of been sold for way more or leased out for way more.

  69. If there is a hiring freeze why is there an ad in the paper about a job at the assessor office?

  70. How are they going to hire a new finance director with a hiring freeze and no finances?

  71. Hello Bea,
    Thank you for your question regarding:
    If there is a hiring freeze for the County, why then is the Assessor’s Department advertising for a position in the paper?
    In the past, when County positions were available for hire, Department heads or an elected official could advertise, go before the Board of Supervisors with an agenda item requesting the approval to hire or replace a position. In some cases employees had already been hired and already working in the departments, prior to approval which created a need for pay to be retroactive.
    I decided to present this agenda item in a different manner, in hopes of bringing awareness and much needed change to the unfair hiring practices we at the county are very familiar with.
    On a previous board meeting, I went before the Board of Supervisors with an agenda item, asking for permission to advertise for a Level I Appraiser position. I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think anyone had ever asked the Board of Supervisors for the approval/permission to first advertise before hiring. Knowing the financial crisis the County is in, I also presented all Board Members with a detailed outline and supporting documentation with my agenda item and pled my case. My agenda item was approved by the Board of Supervisors. That’s the reason for the advertisement in the paper.
    All detailed information as to why the Assessor’s office is in a desperate need for this position to be filled (already a budgeted position) were given at two separate Board meetings and also at the Assessors meeting with the Financial Team. The public is welcome to attend all Board meetings held on the first and third Monday of each month. Copies of minutes can be requested by contacting the Board of Supervisors located at 1108 Joshua Ave or calling 928-669-6115. If you have any more questions feel to stop by our office or contact me at the Assessors’ office located at 1112 Joshua Ave Ste 204 or call 928-669-6165 for further details.
    Once again, that you for asking the question.
    Anna Camacho
    County Assessor

  72. I think that there is no money left. Zero. Maybe this is the bottom. As we conveyed in 2006….

  73. @ Alan Nelson,

    Well if they did borrow it they obviously can’t pay it back so what happens to any road repairs that need to be made? They have to be put on hold until La Paz can pay back the money they borrowed? That doesn’t sound very right. They borrow money they have cannot pay back..that’s stealing.

    @ Anna

    This doesn’t make me trust our county very much more. There’s a hiring freeze unless….(fill in the blanks)
    They’re not standing very firm on their own rules now. Go figure. I am sorry that you need people in your office but it’s going to be the same in every office. Especially if they do furloughs. Why should your department be any different? I would also be leery of starting a job at the county. Last one hired is the first one fired and all that. It would also take away a job from a county employee that has been at their job for years and is invested in their job. You should be like every other department is going to have to and make do with what you have.

    Every elected official is shady in this county it seems even Anna.

  74. @ Bea, I do not know if any HURF funds were tapped to shore up the General Fund. La Paz received nearly $4 Million in HURF from the State for 2016. It’s paid to the County in monthly distributions.

    IF the fund was borrowed from (which I don’t know if it was or not) it would be the County borrowing from itself. The fund distributions from the state would continue. Eventually the General Fund would need to either transfer cash into the County HURF account or expend General Fund monies for highway/public works items. Again I DO NOT KNOW if HURF was “borrowed” from.

    HURF is money from Arizona State Fuel Taxes, given to Counties, Towns, and Cities for road maintenance. Arizona DOT retains some of the funds and a portion also goes to DPS.

  75. I see no hotdogs at the golf course. Shut the moneymaker down? It is the biggest contributor to the general fund. Just shut down the parks too. Hell sell it all. Gonna have to when the county goes into receivership any way.
    Stop the Supes pay. Recall the ones that got us here. Oh damn, too late for that. This the result of currupt leaders and voters that just don’t care. Good luck my fellow La Paz county friends. Hope you don’t have too much invested here.


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