Parker P.D. awarded new patrol vehicle

The Parker Police Department says it has been awarded a grant for the purchase of a new patrol vehicle.

The grant, from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, is to be used for enforcement of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws in Parker.

“Parker Police Department’s goal is to reduce the incidences of alcohol and drug related driving fatalities and injuries through enforcement, education and public awareness,” a Parker P.D. statement reads. “We are committed to keeping the community and everyone who travels in and around it safe. The purchase of this vehicle will allow officers to conduct extra DUI and aggressive driving enforcement patrols without tying up the use of other patrol vehicles.”

Funds awarded from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety are considered essential by Parker P.D. in allowing officers to work important details revolving around holiday and special events.


  1. Sean Young

    What for, like they don’t have enough?

  2. Bruce Smith

    Hope they got a Hellcat..😎

  3. Will they be able to use the vehicle 24/7. Or is it only for special detail

  4. Roy Andrews

    They have worn out ones…

  5. Sean Young

    They get new vehicles constantly, Parker is one of the most “policed” communities in america, they are notorious for illegal stops of drivers and pedestrians. I recommend everyone look up Ohio v terry, a must know if you are ever stopped by our pleasant local constables

  6. Parker Live Updates

    Sean- Can you point me to a 4th Amendment case against PPD? I’d be very interested. Thanks.

  7. There aren’t any Constables in Parker. Also, when and who with the Parker Police Department has violated anyone’s 4th amendment right, or any other right for that matter? If you are going to levy such huge accusations, please, back them up with facts.

  8. Aaron Bond

    Anything else you care to piss and moan about? For someone so educated on illegal stops, you don’t have much to back your statement. Untill you do, its merely an opinion. Opinions are like assholes…everybody has one. Back it up with facts, or proof and maybe people will listen.

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