Saturday, September 13, 2014
  • 12 reasons I love Parker, AZ

    12 reasons I love Parker, AZ

    I was working in San Francisco last weekend. When I’m out of town and people ask what part of Arizona I live in, I usually say something like, “West side, a stone’s throw from California.” If they keep talking I add something like, “South of Lake Havasu”, assuming ... Read More »
  • Summer 2014: the Parker Strip

    Summer 2014: the Parker Strip

    Summer 2014: Parker Strip Why do thousands each year visit this 11-mile stretch of the Colorado River?Boats, beverages, and bikinis; three things that you’ll find in abundance on the Parker Strip every summer. The Parker Strip is an 11-mile section of the Colorado River between Parker Dam and Headgate ... Read More »
  • The Magic Circle

    The Magic Circle

    Winter was nearly over in Quartzsite when I received a request from my editor in Idaho where I worked summers as a reporter. ‘Hey – need a pic of a labyrinth for a photo illustration. Mine’s under 4 ft of snow. Heard there might be one in Quartzsite. ... Read More »
  • The power of small changes

    The power of small changes

    September marks the beginning of a seasonal change here on the river as we move into Fall. It used to be marked with school starting as well, but today we do that in August. It does begin a cool down, however long and slow it may be. Change is one of those topics ... Read More »

Articles in chronological order

Suspected Salome burglar arrested


A suspected burglar that allegedly targeted unoccupied homes in the Salome and Wenden areas of La Paz County, AZ has been apprehended by law enforcement. On Thursday September 11th 2014, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Investigative Unit/Task Force, worked in a cooperative effort with surrounding agencies to apprehend Jonathan Pollock, accused of entering unoccupied homes and removing large amounts of ... Read More »

Sundance for sale on Craigslist for $2.9m


Anybody want to buy a famous waterfront saloon? The Sundance Saloon property is for sale on Craigslist with an asking price of $2.9 million. Citing “260 feet of prime, crystal clear, privately owned waterfront property” and the “restaurant/bar/dance hall/building and property”, the listing also includes Sundance’s liquor license, bar decks, dance floors, boat and waverunner slips. Sundance had a heady ... Read More »

Parker Livecast #3: “My neighborhood was flooded”


On this week’s episode of the Parker Livecast, John Wright, Josh Savino, Jimmy Beaver and Melissa Wright engage in a wide-ranging discussion, starting with the extend of flooding in Arizona and taking a detour around Josh’s plan to camp out overnight outside a Parker donut shop. 0:12 – “It’s been a wild week” 0:50 – “My neighborhood was flooded” 3:50 ... Read More »

Viewfinder: Weather Overground


Thunderstorms are in the forecast for the Parker area today with a 50% chance this morning and an 80% chance building after 4pm. Take care with running washes; don’t drive through them if you don’t know how deep they are. Via Michael Collins Read More »

Parker Livecast #2: Trying to Scam a Scammer


In this week’s episode of the Parker Livecast, John Wright, Josh Savino, Jimmy Beaver and Melissa Wright try to call back a scammer who’s been targeting the Parker area. It doesn’t go well. Here’s what you’ll hear on Episode 2: 0:00 – “Rocks Fallin” by Josh Savino 3:30 – Listener feedback 6:27 – John gets propositioned in Las Vegas 16:24 ... Read More »

Police warn of power bill scam


Don’t be caught out A phone scam is being run on Parker area locals today, according to several sources including Parker Police Department. Locals typically receive calls from someone purporting to be a representative of APS (or another power company), saying they have not received payment and will cut the power off today unless the person sends money. The suggestion ... Read More »

Shontz-Weis wins judge race by 2 votes


It’s official! The incumbent in the election for Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace, Charlene Shontz-Weis, has won the race by just 2 votes. The canvass was approved by the La Paz County Board of Supervisors at a Thursday morning meeting. Weis ran against Rich Tozer, former head of the County’s Probation Department. This was Tozer’s second time going up ... Read More »

Parker Treasure Hunt: September


The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for September! We’ll add a clue every day until the prize marker is found, at which point it can be traded for $100 in cold, hard cash at Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros. Good luck and happy hunting! —– 9/3 – This place is not like it used to be, I’m fairly close ... Read More »

The power of small changes


September marks the beginning of a seasonal change here on the river as we move into Fall. It used to be marked with school starting as well, but today we do that in August. It does begin a cool down, however long and slow it may be. Change is one of those topics that seem to show off our human foibles and a lot of ... Read More »

Dog found in Big River


This male chocolate lab was found in Big River this morning on Rio Vista Close to town. He has no collar, no dew claws, trimmed toes. He is very friendly. Probably a hunting dog. If this is your dog please contact Mary Hamilton at (760) 238-6773. Read More »

Parker Livecast #1: Labor Day weekend


“Why Parker?” Welcome to the first episode of the Parker Livecast, a weekly podcast right here on Parker Live, celebrating river culture! In this episode, John Wright, Josh Savino, Jimmy Beaver and Melissa Wright introduce themselves, chat about Josh’s hair, the summer monsoon and vehicle fires. The first guest is Mary Hamilton, Director of the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, ... Read More »

To The Editor: Caterpillar Avalanche


“What on earth are all those yellow caterpillars doing all over the roads? It’s like an avalanche of them! An invasion! Please tell us what they are.” - Many On The Highway Well, MOTH, there’s no denying it, these critters are everywhere. Within just a few days, it seems the desert ecosystem is full of yellow caterpillars, all moving, going ... Read More »

Judge still undecided in Tuesday election


UPDATE 8/28 5:30pm: Latest unofficial results show the following: Tozer 442 Weis 444 This (we think) includes all votes but are still not final or official. —– UPDATE 8/27 3pm: How about trying to game out the Precinct 6 Justice of the Peace race? Here’s some extra information that might help us with a prediction. (1) When we add uncounted ... Read More »

Deputy County Attorney honored for work with children

2014.07.26  HIDTA Award.

La Paz Chief Deputy County Attorney Karen Hobbs was honored by HIDTA for her work in behalf of drug endangered children. The mission of the Arizona High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) is to facilitate, support, and enhance collaborative drug control efforts among law enforcement agencies. The HIDTA awards ceremony was held on July 15, 2014 at the 34th Annual ... Read More »

Parker Broncs beat Yuma 33-26

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.37.26 AM

What a barnburner! Broncs were up 20-6 at halftime. Yuma came back in the third quarter and by the fourth it was tied 26-26. With 15 seconds remaining QB Cody Esquerra rolled out and hit Roman Robledo in the end zone to put the Broncs up 32-26. Parker added an extra point to win it 33-26! Some great plays by ... Read More »

Viewfinder: RV fire near Roadrunner

photo 2

A fifth-wheel motor coach was gutted by flames this weekend near Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar in the RV park. These photos show the damage to the RV, and the final photo shows fire / smoke damage to the RV next to it. Photos via Nick Danger Read More »